Extra Wide US seat

Extra Wide US seat
Condition: USED

BMW Retail is over $800

BMW Part Number: 52 53 9 034 020, 52539034020

This seat is the "extra wide" or US seat removed from a 1967, R60/2 in 1969+- when the owner wanted a solo seat. It has been in the customers garage for the past 40 years. This thing is in remarkable condition for its age. The only defect I spotted is the aluminum trim on the right side is a little buggered at the front of the saddle.

This seat was an accessory and cost an extra $25 in the mid 60s. Many bikes were delivered with it as stock, but the invoice added on the extra charge. More and more bikes came with the wide seat and by the late 60s, more than half seemed to be supplied with the wide seat.

This is the only /2 seat with grab handles, or vertical supports. The vertical supports are just a long bar going from the rear of the seat directly down to the bolt at the fender hinge. These vertical supports are necessary, as the side brackets are not strong enough to hold the seat. They are part of the seat and are not listed separately in the parts book.

The grab handles came in two varieties. The early ones were cast aluminum and this one has chromed steel. The aluminum polished up fairly well, but could corrode easily if left out in the weather. The chrome steel looked good.

Warning. Never allow a passenger to grab them for safety. In any sudden shift or take off, the passenger will be holding on too far back and fall off the rear of the motorcycle.

I would not put this on a Tim Staford restoration but it is a nice seat for a rider.





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